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Precision Kneading is our business.

Rubber and resin are indispensable to our daily living. It's working all around you.
At K3, we pursue relentlessly on developing this basic technology of precision kneading into something spectacular with our knowledge gained by our vast experience.

Corporate Policy

Our Policy
"Customer Satisfaction is Our Joy"
You have a guest one day, ask you to make a pizza. You make one terrific Italian thick crust pizza. Then your guest has one bite and says, "Gee, what I really wanted was the thick American pan style pizza"
At K3, we believe communication is the essence to the success. When we conduct our business, we always aim to be fully informed on what the customer needs. We knead our products according to the instruction of our customer on their reserved materials and their mixture rate.
Because customer's component is part of our product, their quality is greatly affected with our product. We can never be satisfied unless our customer is satisfied with our products. The corporate structure and the size of our company enable keeping that fine communication with our customers.
Communicating with customers and having full information is what we aim to keep in conducting our business. We are so proud of being our profession in precision of kneading.
The satisfaction of our customer is our joy. We want to hear you saying "this is just what I wanted" and hope we can share your joy on our product.

Corporate Information

Company Summary
NameK Three Co., Ltd.
Address4F Kayabacho Nisshoku Bldg. 1-7-7 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0025 Japan
FoundationJanuary 1976
Representative DirectorTsunehiko Kojima
CapitalJPN YEN 2million
Number of Employee30
BusinessPrecision Kneading of Industrial rubber content (Color master batch, Resin master batch)
Trading BanksTokyo Tomin Bank (Kayabacho Branch), Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ (Nihonbashi Branch), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Nihonbahi Higashi Branch)
Saitama factory670 Oaza Komatugawa Yoshikawa, Saitama pref. 342-0043 Japan
Phone: 048-982-6811/FAX:048-982-6548
Area: 1,320m2 (Main plant) Area: 1,030m2 @350KWh (Transformer plant)
Hokuriku FactorNoto Kernel Industrial Park, 64-1 Wakabadai Shiga-Cho Hakui-Gun, Ishikawa Pref.925-0375 Japan
Phone: 0767-38-1334/FAX.0767-38-1354
Area: 9,200m2 (Main plant) Area:2,341.80m2 @500KWh (Transformer plant)


Company Summary
NameKojima Jitsugyo Co., Ltd.
Address4F Kayabacho Nisshoku Bldg. 1-7-7 Nihonbashi Kayabacho, Chuo-ku Tokyo 103-0025 Japan
FoundationJuly 1968
Representative DirectorTsunehiko Kojima
CapitalJPN YEN 2.184million
Number of Employee10
BusinessSales of industrial rubber material (Synthetic rubber,Natural rubber, color master batch, carbon master batch, resin master batch, rubber reinforcing filler, industrial rubber chemical)

Trading Companies

Achilles, Aron Kasei, Inoac Corporation, Omron Precision Technology, C.I. Kasei, Showa Rubber Chemical Industry, Showa Denko, Shinetsu Polymer, Nippon Zeon, Sumitomo Chemical Industry, Dainichi Seika Kogyo, Tosho, Toube, Toa Tech, Nagayanagi, Nanshin, Valqua Elastomer, Fujikura Rubber, Furukawa Electric, Furukawa Electric Industrial Cable, Midori Anzen, Meiji Rubber & Chemical, Meiwa Rubber.

Our History

1968 (June): Kojima Shoten opened in Minato-ku Tokyo
1969 (July): Relocated to Chuo-ku. Incorporated as Kojima Jitugyo Co.,Ltd.
1977 (January): Acquisition of Kyoritsu Chemical Industry as subsidiary
1983 (December): Establishment of K Thee Compound Yoshikawa plant
1986 (February): Relocation of Kyoritsu Chemical Industry to Yoshikawa
1986 (July): Establishment of K Three Co., Ltd. by merging of K Three Compound and Yoshikawa Chemical Industry
1989 (March): Establishment of K Three Hokuriku
1999 (April): K Three and K Three Hokuriku merged to become K Three Co., Ltd.
2000(June): ISO9002:1994 awarded
2002(June): ISO9001:2000 awarded