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We Can Handle Your Small Volume of Order.

We will meet your exact demand even you have a small volume of order.

>We are a general merchandizing manufacturer.

We will always pursue our "Spirit" to keep challenging for the satisfaction of our customer.

If you have the following concern

  • We would like to have small volume of order for our trial piece or small production
  • Too soft or too hard and may be difficult to knead.
  • Single and double axis extruder cannot knead resin
  • It didn't work out with other companies
  • We cannot stock; we need short time on demand delivery

Because of K3 technology

  • We take orders for test piece from 3kg, volume order from 60kg
  • Hardness from 5 degree Celsius ~ over 80 degree Celsius blend kneading
  • Equipped with Kneader with heating capacity up to 280 degree Celsius
  • Always pursuing to satisfy you with our "Spirit"
  • We are now challenging for 3 day delivery time

Please inquire us about your rubber and resin kneading needs.

Our basic practice is to knead based on your formulation. Of course, we can assist on formulating the product. We knead both rubber and resin, from a test piece to volume production, promptly and precisely. Please contact us when you think, "Oh, I wish I had this kind of rubber material"
Please call or write to; Phone.
+813-3667-4530, FAX.+813-3639-4963, E-mail: info@k3kojima.co.jp