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Kneading Technique to Meet the Demand of our Customers

At K3, our precision kneading is conducted with a machine called KNEADER. Resin having a high melting point is processed with a heater equipped kneader. Kneaded material may be formed in any shapes a customer desires.

sheetGenerally, a kneaded rubber is delivered in sheet (such as in the photo). We use SPM (Sheet Pre-forming Machine) to compose a package in 20 or 30kg. The size may be customized upon request. The white dust in the photo is anti-adhesive for ease of the separation of the material.ribbonThis is a process sample of ribbon shape extended to be endless as possible. The product is usually composed in a mesh pallet, a large metal cart. The width and thickness is specified upon request
cubA rubber sheet is shredded into 3~4mm cubic pellets using a pelletizer. The cut product is usually filled up in a paper bag.Round pellet has a cylindrical shape. After a kneaded rubber is pushed through an FR (Feeder Ruder), heated rotating blade cuts the material. Round pellet is cooled off with a cooling machine after the cutting.